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Journal:   ETHICS   winter 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 28 (50) ; Page(s) 209 To 224.

Ethical Influences of the Cyberspace Use on Marital and Children Relationships in the Family

Author(s):  Haj Mohammadi Freshteh, Haj Mohammadi Samira
This paper seeks to highlight some of the moral impacts of using cyberspace on marital links and family relationships. To this end، the ethical effects of cyberspace were firstly explained through library and descriptive-analytic methods، and then its consequences on marital relationships and children in the family were investigated. The findings showed that there are some disadvantages as well as the benefits of cyberspace. Not having enough knowledge about cyberspace can cause a lot of moral harm to the family and the relationships of its members. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between the use of cyberspace and the damage to family values; so that cyberspace has changed the language، behavior، and ethics of the new generation. The greater the use of virtual networks in the family، the lower the family interaction، and the social capital of the family bonding decreases. Today، with the advent of new information and communication technologies in cyberspace and real life، private privacy is morally in danger. The results of the research showed that this threat could lead to irreparable damage to different aspects of the family system. Some of these injuries include: weakening the role of the family as a reference، reducing the relationship of parents with children، unreliability of couples to each other، lying، increasing the emotional and emotional distance between couples and family members، increasing divorce and ethics، promoting virtual love، Without paying attention to responsibilities، undermining moral values، increasing illegal communications and
Keyword(s): cyberspace,ethics,family values,marital relations,privacy
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