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Journal:   ETHICS   winter 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 28 (50) ; Page(s) 161 To 183.

Ethical Approaches to Confronting Internet Damage in the Family

Author(s):  Soltani Renani Seyed Mehdi*
Man is a social being; therefore، he is abliged to communicate with others، so that the establishment of social relations is one of the innate human needs. Among the areas of human relations in society، cyberspace and the Internet; Bhgvnhaykh Internet as an conspicuous symbol of ICT in today's world، especially in families، a special place has found and regardless of frontiers moral spread and access to information، poisoned and immoral Easy without any supervision and restriction. Indeed، the expansion of the Internet and its rapid penetration into families have caused many serious problems. Therefore، in order to prevent the spread of the negative consequences of the Internet and also to be aware of its harm in the family، it is necessary to consider ethical guidelines for coping with the inherent damage of the Internet in this social institution. The solutions include: use of targeted and consistent with the rules and ethics of the Internet، ethical monitoring the children who most use the Internet، become threats to moral opportunities and values، respect family privacy and true self، to keep alive the remembrance of Allah and Promoting it in the institution of the family، paying attention to the physical، spiritual and moral health of families، giving importance to real life and promoting the values of the Islamic lifestyle with ethical approaches and behaviors. In this paper، the author attempts to explain the strategies in an applied and descriptive-analytical way. The purpose of this study is to promote the ethical values of the family and increase the awareness of families in the use of cyberspace، especially the Internet، in the Islamic society.
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