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Journal:   ETHICS   winter 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 28 (50) ; Page(s) 131 To 159.

Developing a Pattern Usage of Cyberspace Based on Data Base Theory

Author(s):  Dehghan Menshadi Mansur, Nazari Rasul
Today the consumption of cultural products is one of the most important aspect of life style. The purpose of the present study is to develop a proper pattern for the family usage of cyberspace. The qualitative method of data theory has been used to formulate this pattern and to obtain data tailored to the subject of the study. The participants in this study were experts in the field of ethics and family who were selected through theoretical sampling for semi-structured interviews and explorations، and interviews continued until the data arrived at theoretical saturation. Validity of the findings was confirmed by the members' matching methods، peer review and interviews. For analyzing data، open source، axial and selective coding were used. The results of this research shows that 335 initial conceptual propositions with 17 main categories and 49 sub categories in the form of six dimensions of the paradigmatic model including: Ali (3 categories); main phenomena (cyberspace and cyber); strategy (2 categories); Fields (6 categories); Environmental conditions (4 categories); and Outcome (2 categories) were identified. The integration of the categories based on the existing relationships among them created a paradigmatic model that provides a suitable pattern for family use of cyberspace and cybernetics.
Keyword(s): lifestyle,family literacy,cyberspace and cyber,paradigm model,data base theory
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