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Journal:   METAFIZIKA   2019 , Volume 2 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 91 To 114.

The Exploring of Clarifications of the Ontological Argument



Author(s):  Ibragimov Mubariz*
There is a great ammount of the arguments, especially ontological, for exis-tence of the Allah to be proved. They all are resulted as authentic. These arguments are divided into the groups of created and non-created ones. As the methods of the created arguments are not pure rational their results are not completely reliable. Philosophers consider the non-created arguments more accurate in comparison with the created ones. The non-created arguments have certain specific peculiari-ties and conditions that differ them from the created arguments. S. Shirazi and Alla-ma Tabatabai have considered these arguments not reliable because their specific criteria and conditions are not corressponding to their previous arguments. Mean-time, the ontological arguments for the Allah existence to be proved suggested by S. Shirazi and Allama Tabatabai comprrise all the necessary criteria and conditions. It has beed revealed in the article that the only argument suggested by Allama Tabatabai meets all the ontological criteria. It should be marked that because of special attention paid to its introduction and interpretations this argument is of highly scientific importance. Some of the philosophers haven’ t accepted this argu-ment and haven’ t considered it ontological. According to them, there is no logical consistency and regularity in it. According to the author of the book “ The Ontologi-cal argument by Allama Tabatabai” there is no reason for such a criticism. On the contrary, this criticism roots in incomplete and imprecise knowledge of the logical sequence and criteria. Some of the philosophers accept Allama Tabatabai’ s ontolo-gical argument in case of certain amendments. One should mark that taking into ac-count the complexity of Allama Tabatabai’ s ontological argument to prove the Allah’ s existence, he hasn’ t included it into his famous book “ Nihayat al-Hikmat” . To prove the Allah’ s existence he has just noted the ontological argument by S. Shirazi.
Keyword(s): Allama Tabatabai,ontological proof,argument,created,non-created,criteria,clarification,vajib al-vudjud
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