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Journal:   ETHICS   winter 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 28 (50) ; Page(s) 85 To 108.

Identification of Ethical and Family Damages Using Virtual Social Networks among Male Children of Isfahan

Author(s):  TAGHIPOUR FAEZEH, Zamani Abbas
The aim of this study is to investigate the experiences of mothers about moral and family harm using virtual social networks among male sons of Isfahan. The methodology of this research is qualitative and of phenomenological type، and the participants were twelve mothers whose sons used to use social networks. The participants were selected by purposeful sampling and were selected using a sculptural method. Their information was collected through a deep interview and analyzed in a quantitative way. The findings are "undermining religious belief، " "lowering the concept of modesty and Haya، " "disregard for the limits of civility"، "facilitate communication with the opposite sex"، "access to images and pornography and non-ethics "، " propagating lies and secrecy "، " escalation of violence "، " lawlessness "، " isolation and reduced social interactions "، " threat traditions and customs "، " diversity and growth of consumerism "، " away from real life. "، "Change in appearance and coverage"، "interest in Western culture and living in the West" and "the emergence of a generation gap".
Keyword(s): Cyberspace,Social Networking,Virtual Networks,Ethical Damage,Family Violence
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