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Journal:   METAFIZIKA   2019 , Volume 2 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 51 To 66.

The Role Of The Culture In Formalization Of Attitudes



Author(s):  Abdullayeva Shafahat*
There is a deep connection between the concrete environment which man exists in and the fundamental categories of his mind: the human nature is filled with the ways of behavior derived from the previous generations, both materialistic or idealistic in mentality. The author notes that for this reason, a person gets a struc-tured image of the world. The analysis of the author's psychological literature shows that when the child is born, he becomes the object of culture. In the later socializa-tion process, he adopts and accepts the other scenarios of his own culture. His psyche is intensifying them. This process affects and perceives the child's perception of the world outside and at the same time has a strong impact on the formation of perception, thinking, emotional system and so forth. In the article, the thoughts, emotions, and percep-tions of a person are regarded as internal factors that influence on shaping the hu-man orientation, and it is not clear how the child is shaped without considering the-se internal factors. Internal factors are shaped by the influence of knowledge as well as behavioral models and scenarios about the world adopted by person during the childhood. The source of those is culture. The source of culture on itself is in-tentional personality. Moreover, the core of the intentional personality psychology is a specific culture. Culture influences upon the people's perception and creates the "cultural frames" of perception. The objects of the external world are justified through the cultural frameworks of perceptions. So, how the perception is shaped by the influence of culture? How does it affect the way the attitude is shaped? The culture perceived by human beings depends on unconscious attitudes towards cer-tain actions. The analysis justifies that, in reality, the attitude is a framework of cul-ture and reflects the personality attitude.
Keyword(s): attitude,culture,intentional world,conventional world,cultural framework of perception
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