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Journal:   ETHICS   winter 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 28 (50) ; Page(s) 11 To 36.

The Weakness of Family Awearness in Using Cyberspace and its Moral Implications

Author(s):  Rahmati Hossein Ali
Cyberspace as an integral part of the media and an integral part of the family has a dual function in terms of ethics and، based on the strength and weakness of family members' awareness of its use، can be a platform for the formation of ethical virtues or ethics. The present paper، by examining the ethical effects of the weakness of family literacy in the use of this space، has attempted to identify the most important harm that may be caused by the family (in general) or parents and children (in particular). The findings of this study indicate that these injuries prevent the achievement of goals defined for the formation of a family institution. In order to better explain the topic، after defining the main concepts، while expressing the importance of family and media literacy، some of the moral consequences of the weak media literacy are explained. In the end، solutions to these consequences are presented، and some of the problems that are to be addressed will be addressed. The research methodology is analytical and applied as much as possible based on the ethical thoughts of Islam.
Keyword(s): media literacy,virtual space,ethics in information technology,family,Islamic ethics
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