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Journal:   METAFIZIKA   2019 , Volume 2 , Number 2 #f00646; Page(s) 41 To 50.

Limits of Integration into Modern World or Selfie with Anamorphosis



Author(s):  ASLANOV Haydar*
* Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, institute of Philosophy
Over the past three decades, the new populated territories from the European peripheries, formerly secured from any dangers of distruction, fell under the influen-ce of postmodernity. This has been accompanied by people’ s natural desire to take a chance to join the West that was a long-cherished dream for them. However, the in-tention to integrating into the modern world faces challenges posted by the same postmodern destructive processes. The very possibility to integrate is under ques-tion, since Lyotard declared the end of meta-narratives, and Baudrillard argued the authenticity of postmodern society. The overall image of the West, the Europe, emer-ged at times of Modernity, doesn’ t reflect the processes occurring in reality any mo-re. All the basic concepts, which European meta-narrations were built upon the ti-me of Modernity, are now mutilated beyond recognition. No longer are we able to recognize the Europe to integrate with, other than through our own implicit imagi-nation. Just only because of its existence according to categories of modern we imagine the Europe has become available for free access now. These are the perip-heries which, due to their archaic and traditional character, give meaning to the re-cent Europe. That is a reason the Europe, in turn, needs in us. We recreate the Eu-rope having it on the pictorial background, while catching the image which only ma-kes sense from our point of view. This constitutes the phenomenon of anamorphosis of nonexistence. Thus, the integration is just a posting of our presence to nonexisten-ce, which we give importance to – the way we create the image while taking “ sel-fie” with anamorphosis.
Keyword(s): postmodern,meta-narratives,integration,destruction,anamor-phosis,Europe,selfie
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