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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 27 (49) ; Page(s) 179 To 197.

Reviewing the mediatory role of Tolerance between Islamic espousing and marital satisfaction, Yazd municipality employees

Author(s):  shekaripoor Mahdieh, BARZEGAR KAZEM
The present study aims at reviewing the mediatory role of Tolerance between Islamic espousing and marital satisfaction، Yazd municipality employees. We had 140 couples as our samples selected by random sampling. They all were interviewed by Connor & Davidson’ s CDRISC، ENRICH Marital Satisfaction Scale and Islamic Espousing. We analyzed the data by means of Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple regression following Independent Sample T-test. It is certain، as the result، that there is a positive and meaningful relationship between Islamic Espousing and Marital Satisfaction of couples، between Islamic Espousing and couples’ tolerance and finally between tolerance and marital satisfaction. The regression analysis shows clarifies that Islamic Espousing has a meaningful role in predicting marital satisfaction of employees and reversely، tolerance has not any role in linking Islamic Espousing to marital satisfaction. Therefore، Islamic teachings about marriage can effectively increase the rate of marital satisfaction.
Keyword(s): Tolerance,Marital Satisfaction,Islamic Espousing
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