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Journal:   METAFIZIKA   2019 , Volume 2 , Number 2 #f00646; Page(s) 7 To 24.

Opportunities of Application of the Social Synergistic Institutionalization Concept in a Social State



Author(s):  MAMMADOVA Saadet*
* ANAS, Institute of the History of Science
The modern social states realize the social policy which includes the develop-ment of the social security of population. The strategy of the social state develop-ment is focused on the balanced personal development and society. The provided article is dedicated to determination of the methodological ba-ses of development of the social state. In this direction the following conclusions have been made: the bases of researches, the social synergy institutionalization has great advantages for studying the social state. The concept of a social-synergy insti-tutionalization has great opportunities for the comprehensive analysis, forecasting and using theoretical results in practice. A special attention in the article is drawn to the interpretation of the social institutes content and their influence on process of public administration. Social synergetic approach simplifies the analysis of transfor-mation of the social state and social institutes as well as the search for ways of ma-nagement in crisis situations and creates the possibilities of post-crisis recovery. It clears up, in compliance, the principles of the social state, the features of self-cont-rol, self-organization and self-governing of the different social institutes, and provi-des the opportunities of reaching the result when the social state and social insti-tutes, on the basis of interdependence, interferences and interrelations, create the social integrity. The concept of a social synergy institutionalization helps to create a model of the social state.
Keyword(s): social state,social institutes,institutionalization,social synergetic,social-synergy institutionalization
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