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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 27 (49) ; Page(s) 141 To 162.

Organizational spirituality; Faculty members’ viewpoint in Islamic Azad University (Ardebil Branch)

This research aims at evaluation of organizational spirituality according to viewpoint of faculty members in Islamic Azad University Ardabil branch. The research method was applied research and the data collected by descriptive-survey type. The population in this research includes faculty members at first term in 1392-93 academic year، and the sample group selected by random sampling. For data collection، instrument of research was standard questionnaire with Likert spectrum. The Validity of instrument was verified by a number of specialist reviews، and the reliability was examined by Cronbach’ s Alpha coefficient which has been 0/941. The data of the study was analyzed by “ descriptive statistics” ، “ T Test” ، “ Freedman analysis” and “ ANOVA” . Analyzing the results in this research shows: The situation of organizational spirituality at Islamic Azad University was above the average. Also، there was a significant difference in organizational spirituality based on sex، age، Severance pay، field of study and conditions of employment variables.
Keyword(s): Organizational Spirituality,Meaningful Work,Job Enjoyment,Group Solidarity,Islamic Azad University Ardabil Branch
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