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Journal:   CRIMINAL LAW DOCTRINES   spring-summer 2016 , Volume - , Number 11 #L00560; Page(s) 3 To 26.

The Relationship between Crimes (Offences) Against Property with the Concept of the Civil Law

Author(s):  Mir Muhammad Sadeghi Hussain, Rahmati Ali
It is possible to be determined some of the fundamental principles of the criminal law by considering the established (accepted) concepts of the civil code. Among this, with regarding this issue that the common aspect of every “ crimes against property” is that all of them lead to the violation of the property rights and benefits of persons, these crimes has a close relationship with the concepts of the civil code (specially contract rights or property and possessive rights). Therefore, for convicting someone who commits one of these crimes, firstly, with using the concepts of the civil law, it should be proved that someone else has a financial right and this right has been violated by the accused. There are three main opinions about this issue if the accepted concepts of the civil code in determining the criminal subjects has role or not. Meanwhile analyzing these three opinions, this paper has tried to examine the most important instances of the relationship between the financial crimes with the concepts of the civil code.
Keyword(s): Crimes (offences) against property,The concepts of the Civil Code of Iran,Offensive subjects,The property rights and benefits,Property belonging to another person
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