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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 27 (49) ; Page(s) 117 To 139.

Representing an educable society and the methods of its promotion

Author(s):  KIAN MARYAM*
Educable Society، including religious Society، for the maintenance needs to transfer its moral as well as religious norms to the next generation. The present research attempts to check on educable religious society and the possible ways to promote it. Based on the entity of the subject، we are to use a qualitative method. The respondents were all Education and Religion’ s experts of Yazd. Having a purposeful sampling and reaching to theoretical saturation، we gave them a semi-structured interview. By open and axial coding، the data was credited through acceptability، verifiability and reliability. The results show that the process of religious educability would come true by concrete religious teachings، internal selection and finally habituating religious and moral merits within the society. On one side، family، school، peer group، Media، State and religious body are vigorously effective in religious educability. On the other side، weak affiliation of the family to religion، ineffective school teachings، impacts of peer group، cultural attack and feeble social justice would lead to religious ineducability. Again، the results imply that strengthening the religious and moral foundations of family، more effective school teachings and pattern-making through Media and development of social justice would be numerated as effective ways for the promotion of religious educability.
Keyword(s): Education,Religious Society,Experts of Education,Interview,qualitative research
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