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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 27 (49) ; Page(s) 91 To 115.

Analyzing the Organizational Culture and Moral Behavior of the Staffs

Author(s):  RAHIMI HAMID*
Promotion of ethical behavior in the university depends on our conception of the university's organizational culture. To institutionalize morality in the organizational culture of the University، we need to foster morality continuously & effectively throughout the organization. Given the university’ s strategic role in promotion of ethical behavior in organizations and businesses، it is obviously necessary for university to be founded on morality. Thus the purpose this research was an analysis of organizational culture and ethical behavior in University of Kashan. Research type was descriptive correlative. The statistical population consisted of all University personnel of Kashan (N=512) that by Cochran Formula with strafed random sampling، 166 individuals were chosen for sampling. To measure the organizational culture، we appropriated a questionnaire with 46 items and another questionnaire prepared to examine the ethical behavior with 38 items based on Likert five scales. Questionnaires validity confirmed by cohesive content. Reliability coefficients were obtained equal to 0. 83 for organizational culture and 0. 88 for ethical behavior. Data analyses done in descriptive level and inferential level (t-test، Pearson correlation coefficient، regression، path analysis & structural equation modeling) through Spss and Amos softwares. Findings show the average of organizational culture components to be lower than supposed average (3) and that of ethical behaviors is higher than supposed average (3). Also there is positive and significant relationship between organizational cultures with ethical behavior in personnel.
Keyword(s): Organizational Cultures,Ethical Behavior,Personnel
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