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Journal:   ETHICS   fall 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 27 (49) ; Page(s) 29 To 52.

Couples’ Good-Termperedness And Strengthening The Foundations Of Family

Author(s):  Momeni Rad Fahimeh, Shabani Zeinab
Family is one of the most important social institutions. Regarding the function and importance of this institute، Islam presents solutions for formation and maintanace of a successfull family. But with brittle family bonds and external cultural attacks، this institution is vigorously changing. So transformation of extended families into nuclear families، high rate of divorce، single-parent families، emergence of homo families and tendency toward solitary life are results of these changes in family and in so many cases are drastically incosistant with Iranian civilization and Islamic teachings. Moreover، there are social disadvanteges in regard to these changes like destruction of families، emotional divorces، sexual relationships out of family bonds and growing number of parentless children that could be remedied with well-founded family units. The aim of this descriptiveanalytical article is studying the role of good-temperdness in stabilization of family. Because of the influence of good-temperedness on success of family members، this behavior was emphasised by holy legislator، Islam prophet and Imams. The instances of goodtemperedness are affection، friendship، love، patience، tolerance against harships and having peacefull life.
Keyword(s): Good-termperedness,familial relation,stabilization of family,Houshold of Prophet
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MOMENI RAD, F., & Shabani, Z. (2017). Couples’ Good-termperedness and Strengthening the Foundations of Family. ETHICS, 7(27 (49) ), 29-52.

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MOMENI RAD FAHIMEH, Shabani Zeinab. Couples’ Good-termperedness and Strengthening the Foundations of Family. ETHICS. 2017 [cited 2022January22];7(27 (49) ):29-52. Available from:

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MOMENI RAD, F., Shabani, Z., 2017. Couples’ Good-termperedness and Strengthening the Foundations of Family. ETHICS, [online] 7(27 (49) ), pp.29-52. Available:

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