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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   SUMMER 2018 , Volume 33 , Number 2 (63) ; Page(s) 300 To 310.

Investigating the effect of butanediol diglycidyl ether on the crosslinking of nanocellulose

Author(s):  MOTIEI N., JONOOBI M.*, FAEZIPOUR M.M., Borzacchiello A.
* Department of Wood science & technology, Faculty of Natural resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran, Tehran, Iran
This research concentrated on the crosslinking of nanocellulose fibers with BDDE as crosslinking agent and evaluation of some physical properties of the resulting hydrogel. The renewable polymer chains in this study were nanocellulose fiber and hydroxyethyl cellulose. BDDE was used to form crosslink. BDDE is biodegradable compound which has significantly lower toxicity than other ether-bonded crosslinking agents. FTIR, FESEM, swelling capacity measurement and assessment of the thermal properties were performed to evaluate the effect of this crosslinking agent on the physical properties of nanocellulose. Samples with a lower ratio of nanocellulose to hydroxyethyl cellulose due to dispersion in water and lower degree of crosslinking were uaable to affect the swelling capacity. The cross linking in samples with smaller amount of nanocellulose was not sufficient and dispersion in water was limited. However, as the the amount of nanocellulose increased, hydrogels showed acceptable resistance in water and were not dispersed in the water. Among the samples with a higher amount of nanocellulose, increasing the amount of crosslinking agent from 20% to 40% caused the reduction of water absorption due to more crosslink and less presence of available hydroxyl groups in nanocellulose. According to FTIR results, crosslinking was formed samples with high amount of nanocellulose and different amounts of BDDE. By increasing the amount of BDDE, thermal stability and glass transition temperature were increased due to the proper crosslinking between the fibers and forming stronger and more stable structure.
Keyword(s): Crosslinking agent,BDDE,nanocellulose,swelling,thermal properties,hydrogel
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