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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   SUMMER 2018 , Volume 33 , Number 2 (63) #p00538; Page(s) 270 To 279.

Use of unconventional water (rain water) in the production of medium density fiberboard using urea-formaldehyde adhesive (Case study: Arian Sina company)

Author(s):  MOAZAMI V.*, AFSOONI F.
* responsible for research and development and Factory Internal Affairs Arian Sina, Iran
With growth and development of the modern societies and achieve towards industrialization of the countries, Use of the water, one of the major concerns is considered. Optimal usage of water resources has special position and considerable, that its result is importance of the reuse of rain's water as a reliable source for supply the consumption water. The purpose of this research was, use of rain's water, in composition with urea formaldehyde adhesive, In order to adjust the final concentration of the adhesive. To prevent damage against rain water equipment, the Lagan system was transferred through the canals constructed at Arian sina factory. Then it was treated with the package at the factory. The results of the FT_IR spectrum, obtained from composition adhesive samples with rain's water and ordinary water, showed that the rain's water increased the number of hydrogen bonds in the adhesive. But based on the t test, the difference between Mechanical strength and physical properties of use of rain's water than to the ordinary water was not significant. Qua that the glue combined with rain's water does not have any negative effect on adhesive properties. Therefore, after research, Arian sina has been saving water consumption by using 14000 liters of water per day, due to the country's limited resources and lack of resources.
Keyword(s): Urea formaldehyde adhesive,rain's water,FT_IR spectrum,Internal bonding
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