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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   fall 2016 , Volume 31 , Number 3 (56) ; Page(s) 375 To 387.

Effects of chip washing pre-treatment method on optical and strength properties of chemimechanical pulp from poplar wood

Author(s):  ALIPOUR M., Asadpour Atouei gh.*, ZABIHZADEH S.M., GHAZVINI Z.
* Department of Wood and Paper Science and Technology, Department of Natural Resources, University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Sari, Iran
Chips washing pre-treatment are an important factor in chemi-mechanical (CMP) pulping. Therefore, this research was conducted to investigate the effect of Populous deltoids wood chips washing pre-treatment on CMP optical (brightness and opacity) and strength (tensile and burst indecies) properties. Pre-treatment was accomplished with pure hot water and alkaline solution (NaOH) at three levels of concentration (0. 5, 2 and 3. 5 percent). Pre-treated and control (without washing) chips were pulped by CMP process. The results of indicated that the pretreatment with hot water and also alkaline solution reduced the wood chips mass but increased the pulp yield and brightness. Pulp strength was reduced and refining energy consumption increased. Chip pretreatment dissolved part of chip hemicelluloses which imparted some negative effects on pulp refinability and pulp strength reduction.
Keyword(s): Alkaline pre-treatment,poplar,brightness,extractives,CMP pulp
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