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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   FALL 2016 , Volume 10 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 91 To 102.

A Survey on the Market Oriented Advertising in the Food Industry, Qualitative Approach

Author(s):  ESFIDANI MOHAMAD RAHIM, Rahmanian Emad*
* University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Purpose: Organizations can opt to two approach in market orientation. Being market-driven and driving the market. In order to achieve their goals, organizations employ several marketing tools which advertisement is one the most influential. The aim of this paper is to study the degree of market orientation in printed advertisement in Iranian food industry. Methodology: this study tries to investigate the factors of printed advertisement in Iranian food industry using coding to better understand the market orientation. Findings: The results show that, many companies don’ t adhere to the market orientation features and need immediate changes in their strategies regarding their advertisements. Research Limitations: due to the nature of the study, sampling was the main limitations. In order to overcome this limitation, theoretical sampling was employed. Managerial Implications: Marketing practitioners and managers can benefit from the results of this study in order to enrich their marketing efforts. Also this study can provide a model for marketing researchers to follow in their future researches to provide a more solid framework for Iranian marketing models. Originality/Value: Using qualitative methods, a less investigated subject is studied in this paper.
Keyword(s): Market Orientation,Poster,Coding,Qualitative Research,Food Industry
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