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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   FALL 2016 , Volume 10 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 77 To 89.

The Effect of Market Orientation on Innovation in Esfarayne Bank's Saderat Bank Services

Author(s):  mehri saeed*, Mehri Ghadireh, Imani Maliheh
* Scientific-Applied Research Center of Red Crescent Society of North Khorasan, Northern Khorasan, Iran
Background and Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of market orientation on innovation in the services of Saderat Bank in Esfarayen. Materials and Methods: The statistical population of the study consisted of all the official staff employed in the branches of Saderat Bank, Esfarayn, 240. According to the Morgan-Krejcy table (1972), 138 people were selected as a simple random sampling. In this research, two standard Nursing and Slater market orientation questionnaires (1990) and service innovation, a combination of Jimnz-Jimens and others (2008), Pennies (2006), Pyrago and Sochell (2006) quotes Chopani (2011) is used. Descriptive statistics (demographic information) and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. Regarding the distance-numerical variables of the research, on the other hand, the result of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for inferential tests of the research was linear regression test. Conclusion: The results showed that market orientation and its components (customer orientation, Competitivism, responsiveness and customer satisfaction) have a positive and significant effect on the innovation of banking services. In this regard, the role of the component of competition is the highest and the component of customer orientation is the least.
Keyword(s): Market orientation,Service innovation;Competitiveness,customer orientation
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