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Journal:   FOREST AND RANGE PROTECTION RESEARCH   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 2 (32) ; Page(s) 146 To 156.

A new taxon and seven hosts for Erysiphales fungi in Iran

* Khorramabad Azad University, Lorestan, Iran
In order to study and identify powdery mildew in Lorestan province, Erysiphales were collected from parks and natural habitats. After identification of the plants and micrometerics of the fungal organs and recording the morphological characteristics, they were identified using the identification valid key and articles of powdery mildew. In this study, the following species were identified: Erysiphe pisi var. pisi (on Lathyrus annus L., Astragalus alpinus L., Medicago hispida L. ), E. rayssiae (on Spartium junceum L. ), E. ligusteri (on Ligasterum vulgare L. ), Golovinomyces ambrosiae (on Zinnia elegans L., Verbascum thapsus L. ), Leviellula cylindrospora (on Spinacia oleracea L. ). The species E. ligosteri was reported for the first time in mycoflora of Iran. Also the hosts of Ligastrum vulgare L., Spinacia oleracea L., Verbascum thapsus L., Spartium junceum L., Lathyrus annus L., Astragalus alpinus L., and Medicago hispida L. were reported as the new hosts for Erysiphales in Iran.
Keyword(s): Powdery mildew,identification,Ascomycota,Lorestan
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