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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   summer 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 45 ; Page(s) 95 To 118.

Perceptions and Attitudes of Head-Group Teachers about Work and Technology Curriculum: A Case Study

Author(s):  Ezati M.R., VAHEDI SH.
Teacher’ s knowledge and attitudes about the curriculum shape their beliefs, and these beliefs affect their self-efficacy in teaching. This study seeks to examine the perceptions and attitudes of teachers toward Work and Technology Curriculum. These teachers already taught vocational courses. The present research is a case study and the participants include 13 head-group teachers from 11 provinces across the Iran. These teachers were connected through a telegram communication network group. The data collection instrument was individual interviews and group discussions, which were analyzed within qualitative method. In general, 17 themes in 4 categories were obtained that included: mission (cognition of vocation and technique, students’ interests, computer, work, boredom, competencies); learning experiences (technology as activity, technology for development, craftworks, creativity and entrepreneurship, challenge and problem solving); content source (workshop activity, systems analysis and both of sources); emotions and attitudes (expectations of support, teaching profession identity, resistance, self-efficacy). These findings indicate to a lack of vision among head-teachers toward new curriculum, facing unpredicted situations, and they are unwilling for changes which would cause uncertainty.
Keyword(s): Work and Technology,curriculum,perception,attitude,teachers
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