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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   summer 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 45 #g00645; Page(s) 1 To 28.

Governmental or Popular? Educational and Curriculum Foundation in Contemporary Iran

Author(s):  MOSAPOUR N.*
The field of education and curriculum in Iran is an arena in which the government seeks to preserve sovereignty and people seek to preserve identity in an endurable effort for domination. Before the familiarity with the doctrine of modern western education, the Iranian governments were unaware of the magic of governmental education and curriculum. The Qajar kings who became familiar with this issue began their efforts in 1841, to turn “ Popular” education and curriculum into “ governmental” . The Pahlavi regime finalized this procedure in 1956, and the Islamic Republic also put this upon new purposes. What exists at the heart of these conflicting nation-state efforts is the common belief of possibility of induction in both sides; the belief that presents shaping of behavior and faith as possible. However, the question remains whether the apparent dominance of government on education and curriculum has led to real domination?
Keyword(s): instruction and curriculum,education culture,government education,popular education,possibility of induction,conflicts between government and nation
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