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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 48 #a00484; Page(s) 141 To 168.

Designing a Model for Infrastructures of Decentralized Curriculum Development based on Land Use Planning

Author(s):  Najar z., TALEBI B.*, PIRI M., YARI G.
The objective of this study is to design a model for infrastructures of decentralized curriculum development based on land use planning for primary schools. The research design was qualitative and grounded theory was employed as the research method. The Statistical population included educational experts and curriculum professors and the data were collected through snowball purposive sampling that led to a sample consisted of 15 educational experts and curriculum professors. Next, the semi-structured interviews were conducted till theoretical saturation achieved. Interviews textulaize exactly and objectively to ensure the reliability of data. The model included key factors and their indicators and composed of indicators that are located at the center of model and are used as a basis for evaluating decentralized curriculum based on land use planning. The key factors of model are human infrastructure, cultural infrastructure, local management system legal and legitimate infrastructure, macro-environment policies, delegation of authority, conformity between curriculum and land use planning, social protection and financial infrastructure that are resulting in educational outcomes. And in the paradigmatic model it was composed of casual, central, contextual, interventional and strategic conditions and outcomes reflecting the viewpoints of experts regarding decentralized curriculum patterns.
Keyword(s): designing,curriculum,decentralized,land use planning,primary school
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