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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 48 #a00484; Page(s) 103 To 136.

Developing the standards of the listening and speaking skills for the First-term primary school students

Author(s):  NAJAFI PAZOKI m.*, DADRAS M., DASTJERDI KAZEMI M., Sahrae r.m.
This study intends to identify and develop the listening and speaking skills of the Persian Language teaching standards for the First-term primary school students of Iran. It is a qualitative research and is conducted in two sections: primarily, the standards of language skills were extracted by studying the international curricula in other countries. Afterwards, the standards of Persian language teaching skills were developed by conducting a focus group. Further, the analyzed contents were a set of curricula provided in developed countries. Three documents were chosen: Language arts standards of Georgia department of education and The Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines: Birth through 3rd Grade from the United States and the curriculum for language arts and literacy from the United Kingdom. The results suggested that Listening and speaking skills in Persian Language Teaching can be divided into sub-skills such as Audio Processing, Grammar Awareness, Discourse and Literary Enjoyment according to the three components of structure, content and function introduced by Crystal (1987) and Lahi (1988). It is worthy of note that learning these sub-skills helps the students achieve communicative competence; in other words, according to Hymes (1972), Canale and Swain (1980), acquiring such skills means creating the grammatical, social and strategic competence.
Keyword(s): Persian Language teaching,Listening,Speaking,primary school,Standards,Language Skill
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