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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 48 ; Page(s) 85 To 106.

The Effects of Teaching Origami on Creativity among the 5th Grade Male Students

Author(s):  REZAEI M., AHMADI GH.A.
Creativity is one of the controversial issues in different fields of psychology and educational sciences. However, few studies have been done on the effects of teaching origami on enhancing children’ s creativity. This study seeks to explore the effects of teaching origami on improving creativity among the fifth grade male students. The methodology of this research is quasi-experimental and the statistical population includes all of the fifth grade male students of district 18 in Tehran in the academic year of 2016-2017. The participants were 45 fifth grade male students of primary school (convenient sample) who were assigned to the experimental (m=25) and the control (m=20) groups. The experimental group received sixteen 45-minute sessions of instruction for creating objects by origami paper folding techniques. The instrument for data collection was Torrance test of Creative Thinking with pictures form B (The figural TTCT) and data gathering was carried out through administering pre-and post-tests to the experimental and control groups. Covariance analysis was used for data analysis by the use of SPSS version 24. The findings of this study confirm the effects of teaching origami on components of creativity including fluency, flexibility, originality (P<0/05). Despite the increase in the average scores of elaboration in the experimental group compared with the control group, this difference was not statistically significant.
Keyword(s): origami,creativity,fluency,flexibility,originality,elaboration
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