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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   spring 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 48 ; Page(s) 5 To 38.

A Model for Curriculum Leadership in the Primary Education of Iran

Author(s):  MALAKI H.*, ABBASPOUR A., SALMANI B., HAKIMZADEH R., Amir teymouri m.h.
The present research aims at designing and validating a local model for curriculum leadership for primary school in the form of the paradigmatic model of grounded theory through a systematic approach. To this end, the research data are collected through semi-structured interviews with 21 scholars and researchers in the field of educational sciences, as well as analyses of the upstream documents and the results of domestic and foreign researches. After the data analysis, 16 general categories in 6 dimensions of the paradigmatic model of grounded theory namely, causal conditions (1 category), contextual conditions (2 categories), intervening conditions (2 categories), strategies (8 categories), consequences (2 categories), and one major category along with 63 minor categories and their 532 related features are presented. The results show that the developed model could be explained, in the form of a scientific framework, in accordance with the characteristics of the centralized educational system of Iran. Furthermore, it could serve as a facilitator for the best possible implementation of curricula at national, provincial, district and the classroom levels. Moreover, theoretical and practical aspects could be applicable and useful for the curriculum developers and practitioners of the elementary levels.
Keyword(s): curriculum,curriculum leadership,primary school,Grounded Theory
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