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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 4 #b00509; Page(s) 18 To 37.

Study of the Backward & Forward Linkages of hotel industry to increase production and employment

Author(s):  Yaghoubi Manzari Parisa*, Aghamiri seyed omid
* Institute for Trade Studies & Research
The hotel industry is one of the main pillars of tourism activity, with many countries investing heavily in the hotel sector as a result of attracting more tourists, as a result of the growth and development of tourism activities, followed by economic development. But this point should not be overlooked. In addition to the hotel industry, other activities closely related to the industry and the Backward & Forward Linkages with this industry should be paid special attention to investing in them the field of development of hotel industry and As a result of tourism activity. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to use the coefficient of Backward & Forward Linkages to identify the key elements related to the hotel industry in order to be able to target the development of the tourism industry and, consequently, the economic development of the country. The results showed that the service sectors, the most recent links and construction sectors have the highest links with the hotel industry, and targeted investment can bring more benefits for the country's economy. In the meantime, the activity of "Support Services" was identified as the most important part related to the hotel industry, because of its higher coefficients. Finally, according to the findings of the article and based on Backward & Forward Linkages, it was observed that infrastructure is essential for the development of the hotel industry, and the government's priority for allocating capital should be the development of infrastructure.
Keyword(s): I-O table,SAM Matrix,Hotel Industry,Tourism,Backward & Forward Linkages
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