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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   winter 2017 , Volume 31 , Number 4 (57) ; Page(s) 621 To 633.

Tensile and compression stress carrying capacity of corner V-nails

Author(s):  TAGHIYARI H.R.*, GHOFRANI M., Arbabi Ghamsari f.
* Wood Science and Technology Department, The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran
The present research was carried out to find the stress-carrying capacity of corner miter Vjoints in tensile and compression directions to be compared with those of dovetail joints. Variables included the type of material to produce the joints (MDF and particleboard), the number of V-nail in each joint (2, 3, and 4 V-nails), and the height of V-nails (7 and 10 mm). Separate sets of joints were produced with and without polyvinyl acetate resin. Results demonstrated that the stress-carrying capacity under compression was significantly higher than those in the tensile direction. Moreover, MDF joints showed higher stress carrying capacity in comparison to those made from particleboard. Joints with resin were significantly stronger than those without resin. Higher number of V-nails resulted in improvement in the stress-carrying capacity in both directions. Based on the results of the present research, it was concluded that V-nails are preferred to dovetail joints from different perspectives, including their lower production cost, lack of need for an extra step to mill the joint to inset the bits, fast and easy installation of V-joint in one-step process, as well as higher stress-carrying capacity. The results indicated the maximum stress-carrying capacity of 13. 7 MPa and 28 MPa for V-nails without and with adhesive, respectively. Tt was concluded that 4 V-nails with 10 mm height in MDF joint-members would be recommended for joints without resin. In case of joints with resin, MDF joint-members with 3 V-nails of 10 mm would provide the highest stress-carrying capacity for craftsmen and producers of furniture and cabinets.
Keyword(s): Corner joint,diagonal tensile and compression,stress-carrying capacity,loading direction,Medium-density fiberboard,V-nail,cabinet-making industry
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