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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   winter 2017 , Volume 31 , Number 4 (57) ; Page(s) 606 To 620.

Effects of the combined modification process of glutaraldehyde/ paraffin on biological and mechanical properties of poplar wood

* Department of Wood and Paper Sciences and Technology, Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Sari, Iran
In this study, the mechanical and biological properties of poplar wood modified with glutaraldehyde and paraffin were investigated. Modification was performed at different concentrations of glutaraldehyde, (5, 10 and 20%) using magnesium chloride as catalyst and then subsequently with paraffin by vacuum-pressure method. High glutaraldehyde concentration increased the weight gain and cell wall bulking, subsequently reduced paraffin penetration into the porous structure of wood. Biological resistance exposed to white rot fungi and mechanical properties were measured according to the EN113 and ASTM D143 test methods, respectively. Scanning electron microscopic images showed bulking of cell walls and the presence of paraffin in cell cavities. According to results of TGA, increasing of modification intensity decreased mass loss due to cross links formation between glutaraldehyde and cell wall polymers. Paraffin at combined modification containing 10% and 20% glutaraldehyde improved significantly the modulus of elasticity. Glutaraldehyde reduced bending strength, but paraffin improved this property in the modified samples. Glutaraldehyde increased compression strength parallel to grain and hardness and the improvement was more apparent in combined modification. Glutaraldehyde modification enhanced decay resistance for samples exposed to white rot fungi, and it showed a significant increase at the presence of paraffin. The improve of the resistance of chemically modified wood exposed to white rot fungus can be attributed to the reduction of wood moisture, bulking of cell walls and cell cavities blocking.
Keyword(s): Glutaraldehyde,paraffin,mechanical properties,white rot
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