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Journal:   JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES (J.C.S.)   fall 2017 , Volume 12 , Number 46 ; Page(s) 149 To 170.

The Consistency among the Intended, Implemented, and the Attained Curriculum in Thinking and Inquiry Course of 6thGrade

Author(s):  AminZadeh h.m., SEIFI M., FAGHIHI A.
This study aims to assess alignment of curriculum in Thinking and Research Course of 6th grade during 2013-2014. There research method was descriptive and a sample of 50 principals, 100 teachers and 250 students were selected through random sampling. The corpus for this study included the Transformation Document, National Curriculum, the Thinking and Research Textbook and the Teacher’ s Guide. The data was collected through content analysis, observation of implemented and achieved programs by questionnaires. The obtained data were analyzed by t-test, Chi-square, and Pearson correlation. The Results of the study indicated that there is a weak congruity and 37 percent the inappropriate design and there were problems during implementation including unfamiliarity with the theoretical foundation, negative attitude and lack of professional qualifications of teachers, inaccessibility of facilities and equipment and time for training. The highest level of congruity was observed in the achieved curriculum regarding knowledge section with the final exam scores; however, the portion of achievement to the theoretical and performance goals is low.
Keyword(s): intended curriculum,implemented curriculum,achieved curriculum,Thinking and Research Course
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