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Journal:   TOURISM AND DEVELOPMENT   fall 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 74 To 87.

Analysis of the Interaction Effects of Insurance Industry and Tourism in Iran with the Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Author(s):  FALLAH TAFTI HAMED, manshadian saeideh, Farazi Yazdan Abad Soraya
The development of the tourism industry depends on the simultaneous growth of diverse services. In the meantime, services that provide tourists with relief and relief to events during their travels will increase their satisfaction and, consequently, increase demand in this sector. The material and spiritual threats faced by tourists during the trip require the provision of insurance proposals tailored to their needs and destination conditions. Therefore, the design and implementation of favorable tourism insurance services tailored to the needs of tourists in this industry is a matter of interest to this research. The goal is to identify the respective components of the insurance industry and tourism, and to examine the severity of their relationship, to increase decision-making power in the development of tourism services. To identify the variables that affect the development of tourism insurance services in the supply and demand sector, a survey was conducted among industry and tourism experts who had at least five years history to identify the importance of each of the variables about each other. Because of the unlimited statistical population, 250 people were selected using snowball sampling method. Using the structural modeling method and after fitting the final model, the results showed that the most critical indicators in the demand segment are transport facilities and the structure and organization of active organizations in the field of tourism. Also, in the supply of insurance services, applied training was identified as the most important indicator for tourism activists.
Keyword(s): insurance industry,tourism industry,tourism insurance,structural equation modeling
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