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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   spring 2018 , Volume 33 , Number 1 (62) #l00556; Page(s) 133 To 141.

Comparison of stiffness parameters of two types of date palmwood using nondestructive test

Author(s):  SAADATNIA M.A.*, Sattari n., ROOHNIA M., BAHMANI M.
* Department of wood and paper science, Behbahan Khatam Al Anbia University of Technology, Behbahan, Iran
This study was aimed to determine the modulus of elasticity and rupture of two types of date palms (varieties of Khasi and Hajmohammadi) woods using static bending and dynamic (flexural vibration) techniques. To reduce the difference between static and dynamic stiffness values, the static bending modulus of elasticity was modified by taking into account the value of the shear deflection. In addition, for better understanding of the mechanical properties of date palm, values were compared to those measured for poplar wood samples (Popolus deldtoides). The results showed that, the mean values of the modulus of elasticity obtained by flexural vibration, the static modulus of elasticity, the modified static modulus of elasticity and rapture of Khasi were 72, 105, 109 and 63% less than Hajmohammadi respectively. In comparison with date palm, values measured for poplar samples were more pronounced. The difference between dynamic and static values of modulus recorded for Khasi, Hajmohammadi and poplar samples were 81, 53 and 23% respectively. After modification of the static values, the reductions of difference were 14% for Khasi, 16% for Hajmohammadi and 9% for poplar wood samples. Finally, a high correlation was found between the static and dynamic modulus of elasticity for both kinds of date palms.
Keyword(s): Date palm,poplar,modified modulus of elasticity,modulus of rapture
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