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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS   May-June 2018 , Volume 34 , Number 2 (88) #a00481; Page(s) 286 To 297.

Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of essential oil of some Basil (Ocimum basilicum L. ) accessions in Ahvaz weather conditions

* Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran
In order to evaluate essential oil yield and composition of fifteen accessions of basil (Ocimum basilicum L. ), an experiment was conducted in the experimental field of department of horticultural science of Shahid Chamran university of Ahvaz as a randomized complete block design with fifteen treatments (accessions) and three replications. Accessions were green (Yazd, Canada, Ramhormoz, Jahrom, Shiraz, Shahr rey, Dashtestan and Neyshabour), purple (Jahrom, Shiraz, Ramhormoz and Dashtestan), Golkhosheai, Thyrsiflora and Goldomaghrabi. Leaf yield, essential oil content, yield and components were evaluated. Results showed that there was a significant difference among accessions (P≤ 0. 01) for measured traits. The maximum leaf yield was recorded in Golkhosheai and Goldomaghrabi accessions (613. 6 and 550. 33 gr. m2). The highest essential oil content was observed in Thyrsiflora (3. 16%), Golkhosheai (2. 93%) and Goldomaghrabi (2. 07%) accessions and the highest essential oil yield was obtained in Golkhosheai, Thyrsiflora and Goldomaghrabi accessions (17. 95, 14. 72 and 11. 42 gr. m2, respectively). According to essential oil analysis by GC-MS, approximately 32 compounds were identified in the essential oil of various basil accessions. Main essential oil compositions were linalool (0. 12-68. 43%), methyl chavicol (0-55. 28%), geraniol (0-33. 39%), geranial (0-42. 09%), limonene (0-18. 03%), methyl eugenol (0. 38-4. 85%), beta-caryophyllane (0-4. 57%) and cubenol (0-6. 22%). Essential oil of purple (Jahrom, Shiraz, Ramhormoz and Dashtestan) and Thyrsiflora accessions had the highest amount of methyl chavicol. Essential oil of Golkhosheai, Goldomaghrabi and Canada accessions was rich in linalool. Essential oil of green (Yazd, Canada, Ramhormoz, Jahrom, and Neyshabour) accessions had more geraniol and geranial than other accessions. Overall, the results of this study showed that each accession had a unique characteristic that can be used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries.
Keyword(s): basil (Ocimum basilicum L.),essential oils,linalool,methyl chavicol,geraniol,geranial
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