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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ELITES   2019 , Volume 4 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 282 To 289.

Estimating River Sediment Suspended Load Using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Erosion phenomenon and sediment transition is one the most complex hydrodynamics problems, so simply it is not possible the exact determination of its governing equations. The purpose of this research is to use imperialist competitive algorithm in estimating of daily sediment suspended load in Zarrineh rood river. For this aim, the daily discharge data and sediment suspended load of the sedimentary station in Zarrineh rood river was used for 86 and 87 years. The results of purposed method were compared with actual sediment values. The results of validity of the simulation with ICA model show that RMSE in testing sample for ICA algorithm is 237. Also, R2 of validity for ICA has been 0. 889. The results of this study indicate flexibility, ability and high accuracy of the ICA algorithm is good.
Keyword(s): Imperialist Competitive Algorithm,Sediment,Suspended Load,Zarrinehrood River
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