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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ELITES   2019 , Volume 4 , Number 1 #f00642; Page(s) 145 To 160.

Present and Regeneration Approach in Interior Design of Lori Cafe Restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia

Author(s):  Fattahi Mahsa*
* Faculty of Architecture Tehran South Azad University, Iran
The “ Lori” restaurant, located in Tbilisi, Georgia, has survived since the communist era, built in 1958 by the famous Georgian architect Lado Meskhshvili. Based on the research carried out due to the geographic location of the weather and a variety of different menus, once the town was a popular destination, especially the presence of famous people, including Stalin. Currently, the restaurant is disproportionately destroyed and destroyed and is available to the private sector. In fact, the main problem in this project can be to "re-live" this place and place in such a way as to create a relationship between the material and spiritual values of today and the past, and given the historical significance of the building, it is preferable that production The body is needed in underground spaces so that the historic volume of the building will not be protected from any adjoining element and the volumetric purity of the existing structure will remain viable. In this project, the research methodology is evidence-based design. Because the research work achievements and qualitative observations of the existing building are to be used in the design process. It seems that by creating community spaces in the city, citizens will be given more opportunity to experience citizenship and conduct cultural and team activities. In fact, the results obtained from of this research, the preservation of historical and cultural values, does not simply mean the preservation of old monuments and memorials, but with the expansion of their souls in the body of the new design, comes along. In the following, we examine the concepts of contemporaneity and its functional branches, including regeneration, upgrading, and considering the potential of the site as a recreational and tourism site, it seeks to build an underground space, to keep the building clean, we have begun to make ideas and stains.
Keyword(s): Interior Design,live,Contemporaneity,Georgian
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