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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS   September-October 2018 , Volume 34 , Number 4 (90) #l00554; Page(s) 604 To 616.

Extraction of anti-cancer triterpenoids (betulinic acid and betulin) from the birch bark-inhabiting lichen (Ramalina sinensis)

* Faculty of Forestry, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Gorgan, Gorgan, Iran
Lichens are small environments containing two fungus and algae symbiosis. They are one of the richest sources of natural ingredients with anti-tumor, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties, some of which are used as drugs and for the treatment of certain diseases. This research was aimed to identify and determine the amount of betolin and betulinic acid as well as evaluation of the antioxidant activity of lichen Betula pendula Roth. Roth. and its symbiotic fungus. It was found that the lichen isolated from the bark of birch contained bioactive compounds entitled Raminalina sinensis. The symbiotic fungus (Arthrinium arundinis) was detected by the molecular method. This fungus belongs to the ascomycetes, registered for the first time in the NCBI website with MG198621 code. In the extract of lichen and its symbiotic fungus, the amount of betulinic acid and betulinic acid was determined using HPLC. Betulinic acid and betulin, belonging to the terpenes, are known as a strong anticancer agent. The mentioned ingredients were significantly found in the lichen tissue (2. 17 and 0. 075 percent, respectively) and in its symbiotic fungus A. arundinis (1. 6 and 0. 025 percent, respectively). In this way, the lichen and its symbiotic fungus are introduced for the first time as new sources containing these two active ingredients. Measurement of antioxidant properties of lichen extract and its symbiotic fungus was examined by methanol and ethanol solvents. It was found that the lichen extract and the symbiotic fungus, besides having alternative metabolites, have antioxidant properties, which are able to remove toxic free radicals. These results could have valuable effects in medicine and industry.
Keyword(s): Betulinic acid,betulin,antioxidant,birch (Betula pendula Roth.),lichen
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