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Journal:   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH STUDIES   2018 , Volume 4 , Number 1; Page(s) 19 To 24.

The Correlation between Happiness and Spiritual Health with Academic Self-Efficacy among Medical Sciences Students

Author(s):  Amiri Mohammad, CHAMAN REZA, Mohammadnejad Fahimeh, KHOSRAVI AHMAD*
* Center for Health-Related social and Behavioral Sciences Research, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Shahroud, Iran
Background: Successful accomplishment of a task or an assignment needs academic self-efficacy. This study was designed to examine the relationship between happiness and spiritual well-being with academic self-efficacy among the students of Shahrud University of Medical Sciences. Methods: We randomly selected 500 students in this cross-sectional study by employing spiritual well-being, happiness, and academic self-efficacy questionnaires in 2018. We applied the SPSS 16 software to analyze the collected data using ANOVA, Chi-square, and Pearson Correlation tests. The significance level was considered 0. 05 in all tests. Results: The mean scores obtained for spiritual health and happiness were at a moderate level, accounting for 89. 56± 16. 11 and 39. 95± 12. 52, respectively, while the academic self-efficacy mean score was assessed to be high and equal to 109. 32± 18. 44. We found a significant relationship between spiritual well-being and happiness with academic self-efficacy (P=0. 001). The variables of happiness and gender appeared to be significant in the logistic regression final model. According to the results, women had a potential to show higher self-efficacy 1. 8 times more than men. In addition, the rate of self-efficacy increased by 5% per every 1 score increase in happiness (OR=1. 05). Conclusions: Due to the fact most of students showed a moderate level of spiritual health and happiness and over a third of students had a moderate level of academic self-efficacy, we need to further focus on spiritual health and happiness. Obviously, improving these two factors will be a key in improving the academic self-efficacy.
Keyword(s): Spiritual wellbeing,Academic self-efficacy,Happiness,Life satisfaction,Self-Efficacy
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