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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   fall 2018 , Volume 33 , Number 3 (64) ; Page(s) 347 To 358.

Effect of cellulosic and rockwool fibers on mechanical strengths and ballistic impact of epoxy-bentonite nanocomposite

Author(s):  Keshaavarz Rubehghani A., JALALI TORSHIZI H.*, MOHAMMADKAZEMI F.
* Faculty of New Technologies Eng., Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
Nowadays, research on optimum application of natural resources in products manufacturing instead of fossil and non-renewable resources are of utmost importance. Cellulosic resources as the future basis of Green products and also the availability and low cost of minerals, especially in Iran, are appropriate options for various products developing. In this study, the effects of cellulosic fibers and Rockwool fibers (0. 25% and 0. 5%) in the absence and presence of nano bentonite (0. 1% and 0. 2%) on normal and specific properties of Epoxy composite were evaluated. Tensile strength (47. 9 MPa), modulus of rupture (86. 3 MPa) and modulus of elasticity (2100 MPa) of the mineral fiber/epoxy composite and bentonite/epoxy nanocomposite were higher than the cellulosic fiber/epoxy composite. However, cellulosic fiber/epoxy composite showed higher energy absorption of the ballistic impact with lower damaged area caused by the impact compared to rockwool/epoxy composite which provide better protection against the ballistic impact. In the presence of nano bentonite particles in epoxy resin blend, modulus of rupture and elasticity and tensile strength were dependent on the type and amounts of the additives with superiority of the mineral fibers/epoxy nanocomposite compared to the cellulosic fibers. In contrast, the composites energy absorption caused by the ballistic impact and its damaged area were better in cellulosic fibers than the mineral ones. The highest absorbed energy of ballistic impact (60. 7 J) and the least damaged area (10. 7 cm2) were achieved by the highest application of cellulosic fibers (0. 5%) and nano-bentonite (0. 2%).
Keyword(s): Cellulosic fibers,mineral fibers,ballistic impact,nanocomposite properties
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