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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF WOOD AND PAPER SCIENCE RESEARCH   summer 2016 , Volume 31 , Number 2 (55) #f00641; Page(s) 261 To 279.

Investigating the effect of using oxygen delignification process on bagasse soda pulp properties

* Young Researchers and Elite Club, Karaj Azad University, Karaj, Iran
In the investigation of environmentally friendly processes for pulp production, the most important step is to reduce the effluent pollution load in each stage. Since the bleaching process is the most polluting stage in the production of pulp, its improvement is one of the most important issue. The first step to ameliorate bleaching process of chemical pulps is the reduction of colored materials, mostly lignin, which enters the bleaching section. Thus, the use of oxygen delignification stage after pulping and before multistage bleaching process is the key stage in improving bleaching process and cleaner production. In this study, the effect of conducting oxygen-delignification treatment by two kinds of machines, and under different process condition, on chemical, physical, mechanical and optical properties of bagasse soda pulp was investigated. The bagasse soda pulp with the kappa number of 20, 955 ml/g viscosity, and 37% ISO brightness was received from Pars Hafttapeh Company. Oxygen-delignifying treatments were carried out with three different temperatures of 90, 100 and 110° C, and two oxygen pressures of 5 and 7 bars, with and without magnesium sulfate addition, by two kinds of machines. Results indicated that oxygen delignification treatment led to intense decrease in pulp kappa number, while the pulp viscosity did not change. Results of measuring delignified pulp viscosity showed that the magnesium sulfate addition caused the prevention of pulp viscosity downfall. The increase in reaction temperature had a significant effect on the process improvement, but raising the oxygen pressure did not have a meaningful effect on the process. The pulp brightness was increased about 4-6%. Also, due to the need of shorter time in order to reach the reaction temperature in the Iranian made machine, pulp delignifying by this machine was a little lower than Quantum machine.
Keyword(s): Oxygen delignification,bagasse soda pulp,kappa number,viscosity,hexuronic acid,effluent
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