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Journal:   THE JUDICIARY’S LAW JOURNAL   spring 2018 , Volume 82 , Number 101 #M00574; Page(s) 213 To 231.

The technical-legal infrastructure of identity authentication in modern banking Looking at the crime of unauthorized access

Author(s):  MIRMOHAMMAD SADEGHI HOSSEIN, Azarimatin Afshin
Paper signing is the key to authentication in traditional banking; this traditional form of signature has changed in new banking (e-banking and virtual banking) and become a simple and secure electronic signature. All services provided in modern banking require the issuance of electronic signatures from users، the context and structure of the new signatures is such that it distinguishes the types of crimes from traditional signature. Therefore، this article intends to adapt the technical structure of electronic signature with the definitions given in the e-commerce law via field and library studies، So based on this description، compare the con-computer forging and unauthorized access in traditional and modern banking، obviously، this review can be a prelude to the undeclared technical areas of e-banking identified and in this way consider the appropriate conditional and technical preventive measures in the modern banking.
Keyword(s): Electronic Signature,Electronic Certificate,Password,Token,Unauthorized Access
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