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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FAMILY RESEARCH   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 56 ; Page(s) 579 To 593.

The Prediction of the Resilience of the Residents in the Quasi-Family Centers by Demographic Characteristics of the Primary Family and the Quality of the Relationship with Peers

Author(s):  soltani ghahfarokhi Z., SALEHZADEH M.*, ASAADI S.
* Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Yazd, Yazd Iran
The overall goal of this research was predicting the resiliency and vulnerability of people living in Family-Like Community Centers by demographic characteristics of primary family and quality of interaction with peers, Participants in this study included 100 children and adolescents of such as community centers in Isfahan province which were selected by cluster sampling. For data collection, we used Resiliency scales of children and adolescents (RSCA), Inventory of parent & peer attachment (IPPA), Researcher ma-de questionnaire. Using correlation analysis and regression were analyzed. Data analysis showed that; variables including trust, relationship and previous life time with mother can Predict resilience; variables peer attachment previous life time with mother can predict vulnerability in children and adolescents in quasi-family centers. The findings of this study, in addition to helping to enrich the theoretical field of resilience by identifying the individual and contextual factors of predictor of the residents in the family-like community centers In the area of family and peers can have significant practical implications for supportive Centers and organizations, therapeutic-service centers which receptive Bad Supervisor children and adolescents.
Keyword(s): Resilience,Vulnerability,Family,Peer,Family Like Community Centers
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