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Journal:   THE JUDICIARY’S LAW JOURNAL   spring 2018 , Volume 82 , Number 101 ; Page(s) 141 To 165.

Legal Analysis of the elements of lawsuit objection to the recognition of national land

Author(s):  LOTFI HASSAN, Gholami Yasser
From several decades ago the legislator nationalizes all the land and building of the jungle lands and grasslands because of the enforcement of sovereign. Therefore، those kinds of lands because of being recognized as jungle or grassland were called national lands. Following the act of legislator، a lawsuit under the title of lawsuit objection to the recognition of national land was formed in our legal system which enjoys special complexity because of the multiplicity of plaintiffs and defendants. Accordingly، having given a description of national land and explaining its aspects the present essay along with element of relief has reckoned and considered the plaintiffs of lawsuit in five groups (Land owners، garden and installment owners، public legal personality، farmers owning nasaqi lands and non-governmental organization) and the defendants in three groups (Natural resources of city offices، land owners and garden and installment owners and farmers owning nasaqi land and housing and urban development organization).
Keyword(s): National Land,Objection to Recognition,Plaintiff,Defendant,Relief
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