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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FAMILY RESEARCH   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 56 ; Page(s) 515 To 531.

The Casual Model of Relationship between Alexithymia and Female Sexual Function by Mediating Rule of Psychological Distress and Marital Intimacy

Author(s):  Irandoust R., SOHRABI F.*, Maliholzakerini S., AHI GH.
* Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Allameh Tabataba'i University
The purpose of this study is to examine the causal relationship between alexithymia and female sexual function by discovering the link between psychological distress and marital intimacy among married women. This descriptive research (non-experimental) was of correlational design. The statistical population of the study included all married women visiting health centers of the city of Bardsir. Based on the available sampling method, 506 people were selected as a sample, and answered the Toronto alexithymia Scale, the Gender Index of Sexual Function, Intimacy Need and of Psychological Distress Indicator Questionnaires. The findings of structural model showed that alexithymia had a positive effect on psychological distress (0. 75), and negative effect on marital intimacy (0. 22), psychological distress also had a negative effect on sexual function (-0. 25), while marital intimacy had a positive effect (0. 34) on sexual function. Moreover, the indirect effect of alexithymia on sexual functioning is negative (-0. 22) due to psychological distress and marital intimacy’ s mediatory rule. The results of this study showed that alexithy-mia indirectly affects sexual functioning by increasing psychological distress and decreasing marital intimacy. In this way, the alexithymia increases psychological distress and this leads to decreased sexual function. Alexithymia also has a negative effect on marital intimacy and marital intimacy and it has a positive relationship with sexual function, which is also decre-asing due to the alexithymia.
Keyword(s): Alexithymia,Psychological Distress,Marital Intimacy,Female Sexual Function
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