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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FAMILY RESEARCH   FALL 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 55 #p00534; Page(s) 345 To 361.

Predicting Love Stories on the Basis of Defense Styles and Self Concept

Author(s):  Ramezan N.*, NOURI N.
* No.4492, BooAli ospital, Damavand St. Imam Hossein Sq. Tehran, Iran
The aim of this correlational research was to study the role of defense styles and selfconcept in the love stories of married men and women. 350 married students (age range of 20-45 years) were selected by a non-random sampling method from Islamic Azad Universities of Tehran. They asked to answer the research instrument including the Defense Style Questionnaire (Andrews, 1993), Sternberg's Love Story scale (2007), and six-factor Self-concept scale (Stack, 1994). Data were analyzed by Pearson correlation and multiplevariable regression. The research findings revealed that there was a significant positive correlation between the sub-scales of self-concept and participants’ love stories. There was also a relationship between defense styles and participants’ love stories. Findings from regression analysis showed that people’ s love stories could be predicted by their defense styles and selfconcept. These findings may be useful for premarital counselors.
Keyword(s): Love Story,Self-Concept,Defenses Style
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