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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FAMILY RESEARCH   FALL 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 55 #p00534; Page(s) 327 To 344.

Examining Factor Structure, Validity and Reliability of Mate Selection Criteria Inventory (MSCI) in an Iranian Sample

Author(s):  ISANEJAD O.*, Hooshmand Sh.
* Department of Counseling, University of Kurdistan, Kurdistan, Iran
Mate selection is one of the most important decisions made by individuals during their lives. The purpose of this study was to examine the validity, reliability and factor structure of Schwarz and Hassebrauck Mate Selection Criteria Inventory (2012) in Iranian culture. The study sample was consisted of 486 individuals who were selected among university students through a partial sampling. The participants completed the Mate Selection Criteria Inventory (MSCI) and the Mate Selection Criteria Priority Questionnaire. The results of the confirmatory factor model showed that the 9-factor model of Mate Selection Criteria Inventory (MSCI) had an appropriate fit in Iranian sample. The value of Cronbach’ s Alpha of the factors ranged between 0. 51 and 0. 91, and it was between 0. 53 and 0. 72 using retest method with an interval of 1 month. The correlation among the factors of MSCI and the factors of Mate Selection Priority Questionnaire was positive and significant. The results of the study show that the most important factors of mate selection in Iranian culture are trustfulness, kindness, and understanding respectively.
Keyword(s): Mate Selection Criteria,Validity,Reliability,Factor Structure
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