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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FAMILY RESEARCH   summer 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 54 #p00533; Page(s) 183 To 199.

The Effectiveness of Marital Counseling Based on Kayser’ s Disaffection Model on Reducing of Marital Disaffection in Couples

* Family Counseling Department, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
The aim of the present research is to study the effectiveness of Kayser’ s disaffection model on the reduction of marital disaffection in couples. The research method is quasi-experimental with pretest, posttest and follow-up control group design. The population consisted of couples that had visited counseling center of the University of Tehran in the years 2016-2017 and were selected as couples with marital disaffection according to interview and questionnaire. Sample included 16 purposefully selected couples that were assigned to treatment and control groups randomly. The treatment group received marital consultation based on Kayser’ s disaffection model in eleven 2-hour long sessions. The control group was in the waiting list. Data was collected using Kayser’ s marital disaffection questionnaire. For data analy-sis, repeated measures two-factor analysis of variance was used. Findings indicated that there was significant difference in the level of marital disaffection between couples who had received intervention and couples in the control group. The results of this research demonstrate that marital consultation based on Kayser’ s disaffection model can effectively reduce marital disaffection. Therefore, this marital consultation method can be used effectively by experts in the field of family studies for treatment of marital disaffection.
Keyword(s): Marital Counseling,Kayser’s Disaffection Model,Marital Disaffection,Couples
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