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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   Spring 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 34 #r00454; Page(s) 77 To 93.

Impact of the Culture and Content of Humorous Advertisement the Intention is to Buy a Product in the Framework of Customer Perceptions and Perceptions

Author(s):  BAGHERI SEYED MOHAMMAD, Gholipour Godarzi Azita*
* Payam Noor University, Babol, Iran
Advertising is one of the most important communication tools for people who intend to sell a product or service to someone. Identifying the most important factors in increasing the effectiveness of advertising and taking them into account when preparing an advertising program can have a significant effect on improving advertising and increasing its effectiveness. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of the culture and content of humorous advertisement the intention is to buy a product in the framework of customer perceptions and perceptions. Also, the present study is descriptive in terms of data collection. In this study, the library method and questionnaire were used to collect data. The sample size in this study was unlimited and not measurable. The sample size is 384. The sample size of this study is based on Morgan's table. For analysis of data SPSS and Liserl software were used. The results of this study showed that the content of the wit has a positive and significant effect on the intention to buy, the intention to use the brand, the perception of satire, the effectiveness of the advertisement, the tendency toward advertising and the attitude towards the advertisement. Hypothesis of perception of humor about buying intention, intention to use brand, advertising effectiveness, and tendency to advertise the attitude toward the ad was approved, but the impact of the tendency toward advertising on the intention to use the brand was not approved and rejected.
Keyword(s): Intent to purchase,Intent to use the brand,Perception of humor,Effectiveness of the advertisement,Tendency toward advertising,Attitude towards advertising
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