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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   Spring 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 34 #r00454; Page(s) 65 To 76.

Understanding of Marketing Factors and Their Impact on the Attraction and Maintenance of Internet Business Customers (Case Study: Digi Commodity)

* Industrial Management Department, Tehran Central Azad University, Tehran, Iran
The purpose of this study is to identify the factors of marketing and their impact on the attraction and maintenance of Internet business customers in the DJ's online store. The present research is a descriptive-survey research of structural equation model. The statistical population in this research includes DJ's online store customers. To estimate the sufficient number of samples in this study, the Cochran model was used for estimating the sample size and the statistical samples were selected using simple random sampling. In the current study, the size of the statistical society is unlimited, and when the size of the statistical society is unlimited, the sample number will be 384 using the Cochran formula. Thus, 384 customers from DJ's store were selected as samples. At first, 11 variables were identified as the main variables of visualization. Then exploratory factor analysis was performed on them. Three main factors of game play, creation of virtual cyber sales and competition were extracted. Then, the effect of these three factors using the structural equation modeling technique Attraction and maintenance of customers were investigated and the results showed that all three factors of play, creation of virtual sales and competition have a significant effect on customer attraction and maintenance, respectively, direct effect of play (β = 0. 45), creation of cyber sales (Β = 0. 35) and competition (β = 0. 20) on customer attraction and maintenance at the level (P <0. 01) positive and meaning Is significant.
Keyword(s): Gamification,Recruiting and Maintenance,DJ Commodity Story
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