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Journal:   JOURNAL OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT   Spring 2017 , Volume 11 , Number 34 ; Page(s) 53 To 63.

Ethical Work Climate, Employee Commitment and Proactive Customer Service Performance: Test of the Mediating Effects of Organizational Politics in Sepah Bank Branches of Shiraz Branch

* Department of Business Administration, Firoozabad Azad University, Fars, Iran
The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of organizational policies on the impact of ethical work climate on emotional commitment and customer service performance in Sha'ap Bank Sepah Bank. The research method is a descriptive correlation with applied ownership and the statistical population of Sepah bank employees in Shiraz. The sample size is 146 according to the Cochran formula. The research tool is the standard questionnaire of Love and Associates in 2017. Also, in order to describe the data analysis and test the hypotheses of the research, inferential statistics and structural equation modeling were used which were analyzed and analyzed by Amos software. The results of the research hypothesis test show that the ethical work climate also has a direct impact on the performance of customer service, employee commitment, and through reward system policies. The negative impact of the ethical work climate on the rewards system was also confirmed. Also, the results showed that bonus system policies have a negative impact on the performance of the customer service, the positive impact and commitment of the employees. Ethical work atmosphere has a significant impact on employee commitment and the performance of customer service through organizational policies. One of the limitations of this study was an understanding of the questions posed by some completers of the questionnaires.
Keyword(s): Reward System Policy,Moral Jokes,Emotional Engagement of Employees,Customer Service Performance
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